FDIS case studies and testimonials

“I chose to undertake the FDIS diploma course as I had always considered fire doors my Achilles heel. We are being asked more frequently by our customers if we would be interested in helping them with their fire doors so we plan to grow this side of the business and invest more in training and additional accreditation. The FDIS online diploma in fire doors provides a very strong foundation of knowledge on which to build.” James Pyner, REGENCY Passive Fire Protection Ltd


“I thought I knew everything there was regarding fire doors but the FDIS online diploma showed me I didn’t. The course is extremely useful as you can learn at your own pace and can repeat the self-test questions as many times as you like. Excellent for revision and seeing if what you have learnt has sunk in. It is great value and a very useful qualification to have especially as we carry out fire risk assessments for a number of large organisations. I am looking forward to going on to become a Certificated Fire Door Inspector in the near future.” Richard Ball, Three Ways Fire

‘I found the course to be very professional in terms of technical content and presentation. Because it’s online, it’s convenient for students and it has excellent self-assessment tools to check progress. It has given me an excellent base for the provision of up to date and technically correct advice on fire doors which can be given with confidence and supported by an approved recognised qualification.” Gareth Lloyd, Fire Safety Advisor, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

“Maintainabuild’s staff and customers will benefit from our investment in the FDIS Diploma. The education it provides has given us the confidence to advise our clients on specifying and maintaining fire doors to ensure they are effective. The online course was great as it means you can study and complete the diploma around our work schedules.”
Tony Carney, Managing Director of Maintainabuild Ltd.

“We don't just sell products. We are proud of our ability to offer guidance and advice on lots of subjects - whether it be legislation and regulations or help with wider issues such as sustainability and accessibility. Investing in the FDIS Diploma gives our people expertise in another very relevant topic that is helpful to our customers and makes our service more valuable to them.” Kaz Spiewakowski, Managing Director of GEZE UK

"The Fire Door Inspection Scheme Diploma was really informative. It will aid my business by improving the Fire Risk Assessments I deliver, ensuring that I can identify problems with fire door assemblies and pass that knowledge on to clients. This will keep them compliant with the Fire Safety Order, and keep the local Fire and Rescue Services happy during inspections. The information passed on to clients, and hopefully acted upon, will make certain the fire door assemblies will work appropriately in the event of a fire. I would recommend this course to anyone in the fire safety sector who has anything to do with compartmentation or maintenance responsibilities for doors." Judith Evans, Director, Rowans Fire Ltd

Just Fire Doors has been supplying and installing fire doors and frames as part of their fire safety services since 2002. We are passionate about our products and the level of service we provide to our customers and this is backed up by our knowledge and experience of the fire safety industry.

"The FDIS Diploma course was very interesting and even as an ex fire safety officer, I found the content very enlightening with information that I was not aware of. I would recommend the diploma to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in this field. I now intend to apply for the final module to become a certificated fire door inspector.” Dave Dorricott GIFireE, Managing Director, Just Fire Doors

"The course was very well laid out and informative. Now that we have both passed the FDIS Diploma in Fire Doors we have added another string to our bow as a Fire Consultancy business. We are very much looking forward to putting into practice the knowledge we have gained."     Matt Marston & Lee Teagle, Directors of A.F.Consultancy (London) Ltd

Global HSE Solutions was introduced to FDIS through FIRAS and Neil Ashdown. We heard about the online training programme that provides a recognised Diploma and decided to offer our staff further training. Keeping up to date with the latest industry accreditations is crucial as it proves competence within the field and enhances the skills of our teams. Fire doors are a core element of passive fire protection systems which is what we offer, so we need to continuously invest and develop our knowledge and expertise. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with comprehensive fire engineering solutions and the FDIS Diploma could have not benefited our business more.” Andrew Cooper, Managing Director of Global HSE Solutions.

“The FDIS Diploma was a great way for my team to learn because they could do it whenever and wherever it suited them. While they knew much of the information contained in the online learning programme’s modules, they are now completely up-to-date on the regulations and standards around fire doors and are completely confident that their knowledge has been tested in the most comprehensive way.” Chris Mayhead, Carpentry Supervisor at the University of Portsmouth.

“Working for the Council sees you coming face to face with fire doors across its extensive property portfolio. The fire door diploma has enabled me to gain a more comprehensive understanding, giving more confidence in the advice that is provided to our premises managers.The modules provide simple navigation and a clearly laid out structure online, enabling you to fit it into a busy schedule to suit. It was an enjoyable course and I learnt a lot along the way.”  Gary Mann CMIOSH, Bi-Borough Corporate Health & Safety Manager, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea / London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

“The FDIS on line diploma is a great first step to becoming a fully approved door inspector. The key is you learn at the pace that suits you. The seven modules took me around an hour each with a quick self tester after each module to check that I had picked up the key points from the user friendly training module. What I particularly liked was that you can listen to clear audio at the same time as looking at the presentation information and if you missed a bit simply go back listen and read again as many times as you like.” Simon Pauley, Director, Call Point Fire Ltd

“At Places for People we take fire safety extremely seriously and to empower our staff with as much knowledge as possible can only ensure the highest safety standards for our customers. The FDIS Diploma course was easy to fit in around a hectic work schedule with in depth modules to dip in and out when study time is available.

“The online course also provides students with the opportunity to study anywhere at any time. The role of passive fire safety is often overlooked and a more heavy reliance is placed upon automatic fire detection. For a social landlord, the reliability of passive protection and robust, solid, well maintained fire doors is paramount to an effective fire safety inspection regime. We now have a selection of competent Building Surveyors with accredited learning to a defined industry standard who have achieved recognised diplomas.” Clark Murray, Fire Safety Advisor, Places for People

“We made a strategic decision to broaden what we could do for our clients. Primarily this involves assessing their fire doors, preparing reports that flag up any issues and helping them to rectify them. We wanted to ensure we underwent the best available training and qualification which was why we chose the FDIS Diploma. Because it’s online, you can dip in and out of the various in-depth modules depending on your workload and once you’ve passed the exam you retain access to the on-line information to use as a reference tool. I was surprised how much I learned in an area I had always thought I knew extremely well and am looking forward this expertise with our clients.” David Heath, Fire Door Inspector Fire Door Inspector, Property Fire Protection

“Falcon is very supportive of training that benefits its staff and customers. So when I found out about the Diploma in Fire Doors, they were very happy for me to acquire the additional knowledge it would provide me with. Because it’s an online programme I could work through the modules in my lunch hour, at home and even on my phone so it was very flexible and could fit easily around my life. Having now passed the exam I still retain access to the modules and use them as a reference tool.’’ Wayne Humphreys, Technical Manager, Falcon Panel Products

“Having a recognised qualification is good as it ensures our clients benefit from our best practice learning and up-to-date knowledge.” Tim Edge, Sewell Facilities Management

“I have been in the fire industry for thirty years. I thought I knew about fire doors and all legislation until starting the FDIS Diploma course. I believe anyone employed within the fire industry as assessors or advisors would benefit from such a worthwhile course. I started mine three months ago and have just passed the test.  I set my own pace without any pressure. It allowed me to sit the self test units as many times as I wanted to with a brilliant facility to look back at my self test history.

"The audible tuition is an excellent tool allowing you to stop at any point to make your own reference notes. It’s an excellent course in every way.”  Martin Robinson TIfireE Fire Safety Advisor, Surrey County Council

“I was thoroughly impressed with the certificated inspector assessment process. It was very detailed and certainly challenging but fair. A big step up from the Diploma and rightly so.”
Jeremy French CertFDI, Prestige Fire Door Services

Our team is often asked to change doors and now that I have passed the FDIS Diploma I have a much better understanding about what can and cannot be done without impacting on the performance of fire doors. The course was very informative and because it is online it was easy to fit it around my work.” Mark Hancy, Facilities Team Leader at Sewell Group

“Working for a diverse construction company means that a lot of my work is hanging doors.  So it’s really important that I have a thorough understanding of the issues to be aware of, not only when installing fire doors, but also the implications of making adaptations. I enjoyed going through the FDIS Diploma programme and because it is online and includes interesting videos it was an easy way to learn a lot very quickly.”  Craig Lindley, joiner at ESH Group

"I am most impressed with the FDIS training material and find the system extremely user friendly and easy to follow."  Martin Robinson, Fire Safety Advisor, Surrey County Council

“I first found about FDIS when I was searching online for reliable information about fire doors. One of our clients asked us to inspect some of their fire doors and I wanted to ensure that I could provide them with sound advice based on good technical knowledge. I enjoyed working through the FDIS Diploma and I particularly like being able to return to the information to keep my knowledge up-to-date. I also thinkt that the feedback you get as you go through the tests is very useful.”  Surrinder Bassan, Uniserv Enterprises.

"I have found the FDIS Diploma course of particular benefit, allowing an opportunity for in-depth study of a subject that requires greater attention than it generally receives. The importance of fire doors in the protection of people and property cannot be over emphasised.  The course, delivered via online educational modules, was well suited to the subject, allowing the student to process at their own pace. I also found the self-test sections following each module of great assistance in monitoring progress.  During audits and inspections of buildings by Fire Safety Inspectors, an essential need is the ability to determine the suitability or otherwise of existing fire doors. I feel that the Diploma course provides the necessary detailed knowledge to enable such fact based assessments to be made.Pat Rosum, Fire Protection Technical Manager, Oxfordshire County Council Fire & Rescue Service

“There are more than 4000 fire doors at the University and whilst they are regularly inspected, we have had issues in the past with installation. Achieving a formal qualification means that my team and I are confident that we know exactly what to look out for to ensure that appropriate standards are met. From the initial specification, through installation to the ongoing maintenance of fire doors we are totally clear on legal and best practice requirements.  I particularly liked the way that the education modules have been designed to make it easy to fit learning and revision into the working day. It was surprising how much knowledge could be gained from the FDIS Diploma course. We would recommend it anyone with any degree of responsibility around fire doors.”  Brian Norris, Anglia Ruskin University

“I am responsible for maintenance in hospitals. I often have to repair fire doors, but was very confused about the latest regulations. Every time I checked on the internet for clarification, the information was never precise and sometimes even contradictory. I found the FDIS learning modules very good. The information is accurate and it is very satisfying to now have a clear understanding of the regulations.”  Joel Caubet, Multiskilled Technician, Balfour Beatty Workplace

"I enjoyed the FDIS course very much and learned a great deal."  John M Smith, BIFM, Head Of Facilities Management, Ryden

“I have been in the door industry for 28 years and I thought I knew most things about fire doors so I was very reluctant to sign up for the FDIS diploma. However, as a big supporter of the BWF-CERTIFIRE Scheme I thought it only right that I should give it a go. I must admit that I did actually learn a lot of things, especially about the ancillary products that are used with our fire doors, as I worked through the modules. It also made me think about the things that we do and allowed us to identify some significant business opportunities that we would probably have missed if I had not worked my way through the FDIS Diploma modules.”  Dave Paxton, Technical Director, Premdor UK

“Studying for the FDIS Diploma was interesting and brought home to me that there is a lot to be learnt around the subject of fire doors. However, as a sales manager, what quickly became apparent is that having this additional knowledge would make me and my team a much more valuable resource to our customers, who will increasingly turn to us for our help rather than other door suppliers.”  David Taylor, Field Sales Manager, JELD-WEN

“I’ve worked in the industry for over ten years and have been through many training courses but this is the best one I have come across. Being online meant I could do it wherever and whenever it suited me and that I could complete it at my own speed. Signing up for the FDIS Diploma was a very simple process and once I had been through all of the online education modules I booked the test, which again was very easy. I was delighted that I achieved a 100% pass rate and am now looking forward to going on to being independently assessed to become a Certificated Inspector.”  Neil Heather, Surveyor, Doorcare South West.

"We welcome the development of a Fire Door Inspection Scheme which will usefully support building owners and other responsible persons to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations and the Fire Safety Order."  Department of Communities and Local Government

"I just wanted to say how enjoyable the Fire Door Inspection Scheme Diploma was to undertake, being able to study in your own time was excellent. I took the exam today and passed."  Duncan Holden, Fire Risk Assessor, DH Fire Consultancy Ltd

“The FDIS is without doubt the best money I have spent on training this year, and I’m already generating business out of it. It takes away the fear of dealing with fire doors and makes our staff into genuine experts. We are already being asked by facilities management companies to look at fire doors on their behalf as a result."  Phil Newson, Chief Executive, Allgood plc

“While my team is well known for its expertise, they are always willing to go the extra mile to improve service to clients. They are all learning as they go through the diploma process which can only be a good thing for our company and the people we work for. The FDIS diploma boosts our reputation and credibility in the fire safety advice we provide to clients. It is also an important step towards exciting new business opportunities. Some of our staff will go on to complete the final FDIS transition module and undergo an on-site practical assessment so that they can become Certificated Fire Door Inspectors when this opportunity is launched in the summer.”  Richard Greaves, MD, Cubicles and Doors Combined

“Since Checkmate introduced a service for the maintenance and management of fire doors we have been keen to have a qualification that proved our competence in this area. Taking the FDIS Diploma confirmed we knew a lot and also enabled us to identify gaps in our knowledge to enable us to broaden our expertise which will benefit our clients.”  Clive Reilly, Compliance Manager, Checkmate Fire Solutions Ltd

"The information is all there to learn and I found the website very easy to use, with good advice for further documents and information to download. It’s a great first step for all, whatever background you may come from. On a daily basis we all see buildings with fire doors with elements which both shock and fail to comply with standards. As the FDIS scheme develops as I'm sure it will, I can only see great benefit to all, both in industry and public."  Russell Hayes, Cubicles and Doors Combined

"We have worked in the fire door industry for some 15 years... We found the FDIS modules clear, informative and easy to use online. We thought it was a good introduction to someone starting out in the fire door industry. To us it was a good revision exercise to sharpen our knowledge and also to learn a little more. We are looking forward to the next step to becoming FDIS Fire Door Inspectors."  Richard Porter and Tom Gelsthorpe, East Yorkshire Joinery Firedoors Ltd